Video Testimonials

Cathy F.
I love not having to take my 3 cats out of the house for veterinary care… Super convenient excellent care!

Spencer C.
Dr. Gerber and Tara are the best! Chloe, my 15 year old shiba inu has been seeing him for years and I was delighted to see that we could start seeing him at home now! Our new puppy, Howard, is a chocolate lab that loves getting his shots in our driveway!! 5 stars!! The best around!!

Sherrie M.
Pawsitively Mobile Veterinary Services is a 10/10! Dr. Michael Gerber and Tara are so friendly and professional. My mom adopted a feral cat and both Dr.Gerber and Tara were phenomenal with her. I wouldn’t recommend any other veterinary services besides Pawsitively!

Michelle F.
Absolutely recommending! My scared kitty Mistah had a house visit today and Dr Gerber and Tara where so gentle and accommodating to him.

Bob P.
Highly recommended very professional and passionate about animals definitely a life long customer!!!!

Kimberly F.
We loved Dr. Gerber and Tara! Highly recommend them for the care of your fur babies!

Karen H.
They were very professional and kind. pretty reasonable.

Denise F.
It was great to have the vet come to us, saving my cat the stress of a car journey. Dr. Gerber and Megan were kind and efficient in providing much needed care and information.

Lori L.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Gerber and Meghan today for my cat Leo’s first visit. I just can’t say enough about how wonderful they were with him. The whole visit was above and beyond my expectations. Pawsitively Mobile won our hearts over! Phenomenal people, phenomenal care and service! Thank you Dr. Gerber and Meghan!

Alyssa S.
Very professional services from Dr. Gerber and his staff. He is really nice and I always felt comfortable with him and having him perform dental extractions for my two dogs. It’s very convenient to have his mobile van come to your house or apartment. I was able to quickly schedule an appointment and he was always very responsive.

Susan S.
Dr. Gerber and his vet tech were prompt, cordial, professional, and kind. I had them come put my 16 year old cat down. It was my first time using them, and I hope to use them more often. There is really no better way for your pet to have their final visit. So much kinder to let them pass at home.

Arianna D.
Dr. Gerber and his assistant Megan were GREAT with my elderly cat Brownie. They were patient,kind, and efficient. I get anxious when my cat is stressed and they made me feel really comfortable and were very gentle with him. They even came inside my home which was better for Brownie. I love the idea of this Mobile vet. These two amazing people are obviously very passionate about and care about our fur babies just as much as we do and I am extremely grateful for them.

Jen O.
Dr. Gerber and his tech were great with my cat. I have an older cat who will NEVER go to the vet and they were able to do everything, even with some difficulties as my cat is super stubborn. They followed up with me to check on him a few days later and continued to be thorough. They have a great bedside manner with Cheeto and I appreciate them taking the time to explain everything.

Helen N.
Dr. Gerber and his associate are thorough, compassionate and kind. My cat is very anxious about vet visits and home visits are just what he needs. We’re very pleased with the care we’ve received.

Dawn P.
My 2 cats, Monkey and Trouble were seen today by Dr. Gerber & Erin and it was a great experience for all. They don’t travel well in the car so having mobile vet service was really wonderful and stress free. Dr. Gerber is very gentle and has a wonderful bedside manner with both the cats. They settled right down while they were in the van. I really liked the way Dr. Gerber suggested some services that may be beneficial to them but wasn’t pushy about them like some vets can be. All and all it was a wonderful affordable service that I will definitely use again & recommend to my friends in the area.

Colleen F.
Dr. Gerber is the best. To have a Veterinarian who is so professional, caring and thorough, make house calls, is such a great and needed service. Highly recommended!

Valerie C.
Pawsitively Mobile has been life changing for us and our dog Pepper. Dr. Gerber and his team have been caring and friendly in every interaction we’ve had with them, very responsive, and always on time! Looking forward to continuing to work with this excellent team in the years to come.

Jennifer T.
Dr. Gerber was great with our three very nervous cats who get very stressed out leaving the house to go the the vet. I highly recommend his services!

Tricia F.
Dr. Gerber and Tim were great with my cat. She gets very stressed and sick after being taken to vet. They came to house. She was a little hissy at first, but overall did very well.

Tricia A.
The cats just had a lovely home visit by Dr. Gerber and Tim from Pawsitively Mobile. I couldn’t get one of our pair to the vet last year (very crate phobic) and this year I decided to try a different approach. So much less stress on our two indoor kitties. Thanks!

It is also notable that the same team helped our family (me, mostly) deal with end-of-life decisions with our 17-year-old small dog in June. They were great then, and great today (so much the better for an annual well-cat check, though).

If you are looking for a good vet option, they are.

Kascha P.
Dr. Gerber and Tim are compassionate fellows and did a world of good for my cat, which included an unusual diagnosis and surgery. Due to caring for family members, it was improbable that I would get out to the vet, and I found Pawsitively Mobile online. Give them a call for checkups or health problems, they will come to you. These guys are the best.

Margaret M.
Dr Gerber has been coming to our house to care for our two 15 year old cats for the past year. One is diabetic and turned into a vicious animal when I took him to the vet. With Tim and Dr. Gerber, he was totally fine and allowed them to do what was needed. This past summer, we discovered that our other cat had a brain tumor. Tim and Dr Gerber were wonderful, calling to check on us and her a week or so after the diagnosis and when we determined it was time to let her go, they made room in their schedule immediately. Letting a family pet go is never easy and they understood this and were kind and considerate. They respond quickly to emails and phone calls, and have been professional and kind in all of our interactions. I highly recommend them as caregivers for your pets!

Samuel M
Dr. Gerber and Tim are an amazing duo! Fantastic work they’ve done for my cat. I couldn’t thank them enough for how compassionate and hard working they are!

Marlene S.
This may be a little long, but worth the read!

Kira is my mom’s kitty, one of her babies. She is about 19 years old, at this age obviously a cat would stop doing things a younger cat would do. She was sleeping a lot, wasn’t jumping up and wasn’t walking well anymore. We all just assumed that she was getting old and it was normal. Over the years she had developed this large matted knot on her back and my mom tried so hard to remove it and at least keep it under control.

While grooming Kira last week, my mom, cut her with a pair of scissors. My mom wrapped her up and called me frantically. I looked and my heart sank, I knew that she needed to see a vet, but after a very bad experience at a local vet, my mom never took her cats to a vet. Kira hadn’t been out of the house in years and my mom didn’t want to put her through going to a vet because she is so old. The next day I decided to contact Pawsitively Mobile Veterinary Services. They had recently become our new vet for our dog and we loved them! So I began messaging them through Facebook on Sunday, not expecting to hear from them until the next day, but they answered right away. I explained the situation and sent a picture. Dr. Gerber said that she really needed to be seen, and that they would come the next morning. I continued to message them because my mom was so nervous about the appointment and I even tried to just cancel. Dr. Gerber talked me through everything and I knew having them come was the right decision. Later that night my mom had told me that if they were going to have to do anything to make her nervous that maybe they should just put her to sleep, considering her age and how she had been doing. My mom’s heart was broken she felt that she had done this to her.

The next morning, Tim had taken an early train to come to our house. He arrived earlier than Dr. Gerber and took the time to come inside and sit with Kira and get her used to him. It seems like such a small gesture but it was huge. Just knowing that he cared enough about Kira. He knew that my mom was so upset about everything and he took the time for her to be more comfortable.

When Dr. Gerber pulled up, Tim carried Kira out to the truck. They looked her over and gave her some medicine to make her comfortable. Then Dr. Gerber shaved the huge knot off of her back and stitched her leg. The entire time they worked on her, Kira just laid there. She was so peaceful, considering what was happening. It was as if she knew they were helping her. When they finished, they explained everything to my mom and I carried her home. My mom was still so upset, she was so happy everything was finished, but knew it was going to be a hard recovery and felt so much guilt.

Well Dr. Gerber and Tim worked miracles that day. Not only is her leg healing, Kira is like a new (old) kitty. She is walking so much better, she is now jumping! She jumped right onto my mom’s lap yesterday, onto the bed, and today she actually went on to the cat tree and slept in the sunlight!

I cannot thank you both enough for your all you have done. The knowledge, dedication, and compassion you have shown is not something you find very often. My mom is so grateful, she is so happy that Kira can spend the rest of her days doing the things she loves. Thank you both so much. I highly recommend Pawsitively Mobile Veterinary Services, Dr. Gerber and Tim!!

Marlene, Judy and Kira

Noah D.
Dr. Gerber did an awesome job cleaning our pug’s teeth. His breath has never been so fresh!

Christina L.
Loved having the vet come to me, especially with my two nervous nelly kitties. Thorough exam and fair price.

Deborah C.
We are so grateful to Dr. Gerber and Tim for providing this service! They were so caring and knowledgeable in examining our cat Rusty,who hasn’t had an exam in years due to fear of going to the vet. We have complete confidence that our cat is in capable hands. Thank you so much!

Joseph F.
Thank you Dr. Gerber and your associate Tim for coming to our home, and helping Bailey cross over the Rainbow Bridge. It was so peaceful to let Bailey be at home surrounded by her family. I highly recommend Pawsitively Mobile Veterinary Services.

Mary R.
Professional, convenient, reasonable. Our dog loved it and so do we. Return visit already booked.

Dave S.
Mike and Tim are very professional and knowledgeable. Our malinois and Australian Shepherds actually enjoy going into the mobile vet for their checkups and we love the convenience of the door to door service. Great service and we highly recommend Pawsitively Mobile!

Sandra K.
We foster for local rescue groups…. having the vet come to us is ideal and allows us to provide the most comfortable environment for our often traumatized placements!

Becca M.
Dr. Gerber and Tim are awesome! The mobile office has everything you need, including diagnostic test equipment! They pulled right up to the house. Everything was easy – no car ride with cats. I highly recommend them!

Brenda L.
Thank you Dr. Gerber and Tim for coming to our home the same day I called to help us through the passing of our beloved 18 year old kitty, Guy. I cannot recommend Pawsitively enough. Not only was it convenient to have such an able doctor in our home, but the compassion and caring that they both showed was truly above and beyond. They took their time, treated our cat with love and respect and gave us honest options as well. Ultimately, we lost our kitty last night and we are so very sad, but we are so thankfully to have had the opportunity to be by his side and understand everything that was taking place to make Guy comfortable and pass peacefully.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dr. Gerber also made sure he gave our Pomeranian some attention and checked him quickly for fleas as well……recommending some new medication.

I would not hesitate one moment to call Pawsitively if you want the best for your animals. They are without a doubt, the absolute best vet team we’ve ever had to work with.

Jo J.
Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Gerber and his Associate Tim. They immediately put my mind to ease as soon as they walked through the door. From the very moment I contacted them to come visit my baby girl Treasure who has a few issues that need some looking at until the time they arrived I felt at ease. Communication was top rated. A call or text was answered almost immediately. The handling of my fur baby was careful and filled with compassion and care. To say how impressed I am with the service provided, quality of care, ease of putting minimum stress on my girl is exactly what we were hoping for. I can’t say enough about the beautiful rolling vet care provided. Thank you and I will be sure to share with my friends just how much I would recommend the care you give.

Julie-Leah H.
We just love our veterinary services provided by Dr. Gerber and Tim. Always thorough gentle individualized care. So convenient and reasonable.

Gail Kelly & Tigger/ Sharon, MA
Though I don’t usually promote anyone I have to give the biggest shout out to Pawsitively Mobile Veterinary Services. Not only do my pets not get stressed going to vet BUT the best for me The compassion to my 16 year old cat when giving shots the care and love that was shown by both the VET Michael Gerber and his vet tech Tim was beyond belief. My cat did not scream even when having urine extracted AMAZING BUT also they are kind when recommending services and understanding when you say I love my fur baby but I can’t do that. AWESOME service!

Suzanne S. 
Imagine coming home and your 15 1/2 year old dog seems to be in a coma. He is 38 pounds and up two flights of stairs and you don’t know what to do, and it is 7:45 pm.

Well I called a very trusted friend who has groomed and bred dogs for years. She gave me Dr Gerber’s number and within an hour he was at my house and up two flights of stairs on the floor in my bathroom examining my dog.

He was able to arouse my beloved Teddy and we got him out to the truck where he was examined and had blood work done. His protein was a little high, so he will have it rechecked in two weeks. Then…my poor dog who was incredibly matted and due to a previous incident the groomers didn’t want to groom him. So, I have tried to do my best for the last year, but grooming a dog with hair is hard. Dr Gerber stayed in my driveway until 11:30 pm shaving Teddy so he would be more comfortable.

He truly cared that my dog was comfortable and felt as good as he could in this situation. This was priceless to me, and I have paid more for a sick appointment at a veterinary office.

I will now use him as my vet for all three of my dog. Thank you Dr. Gerber

Stacey T.
My two furbabies hate going in the car and the event is so stressful for everyone. Dr. Gerber is fantastic and so is the Tech Tim. They are extremely professional, thorough and personable. They were so gentle and loving with my babies. The traveling clinic is fully equipped and top notch. I was blown away by the van! I Pawsitively just found my new vet team! Highly recommend Dr. Gerber if you are looking for great care without leaving your driveway. Thanks guys, you rock!

Leo F.
Dr Gerber and Tim are great. They arrived on time for Toby’s appointment who hates going to the vet or having his nails clipped. They sat with Toby on the lawn and gained his confidence. While inside the incredibly equipped mobile clinic they gave him a complete check up, updated his shots, and clipped his nails. True professionals and obviously animal lovers. We will use them again definitely.

Sue H.
3 indoor cats usually means 3 separate visits to the vet and the cost so crazy that you don’t want to take them.

Today changed all that.

3 indoor cats + 1 mobile vet + paying 1/2 what I usually pay = PRICELESS. I can’t thank you enough for your honest advice and for taking such good care of my babies; you have truly earned a customer for life.

Tara D.
Dr. Gerber and his assistant were amazing! My cat is terrified of the carrier so we can’t go to the vet so they came to us! So convenient& a great value. I highly recommend them for all your veterinary needed.

Mary Ellen H.
Dr. Gerber was wonderful! My 12 y.o. Beagle had symptoms of a UTI on Saturday. He was at our house on Sunday and gave her a thorough exam and got her what she needed. Thank you Dr.Gerber for saving the day.

Ann C.
It was a wonderful experience to have the vet and his assistant come to the house. They came out right away. Did not have to wait a day or two. Would highly recommend having them come to your house for your pet.